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Electrical Engineering

What is FPGA ?

The electrical engineering software tools have made the hardware update possible with the help of programmable hardware. The sub-system configurations of this programmable hardware can be altered even after fabrication. Hence, it falls under the Reconfigurable System category and one of the most common integrated circuits that support this reconfigurable computing is Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA). 

Superior Quality FPGA Solutions for Advanced Technology

Our professional FPGA design team offers a wide spectrum of FPGA development expertise to your organization in projects involving video, network interfaces, advanced algorithm development, high-speed memory, and embedded software services. Besides, we design customized FPGA boards and integrate our designs with your existing hardware. 

Unique Features of Our FPGA Services

Software Acceleration

Our FPGA services offer significant speed benefits compared to solutions that are processor-based, through parallelizing an adapting to the application.

Parallel Data Processing

Through parallel processing of data, FPGA renders an excellent scalable solution to process the massive amounts of data available.

Real-time Applications

FPGA allows deterministic behavior and is highly suitable for application in time-critical systems. Also, it offers flexibility to carry out complex calculations in a short time.

Short Time to Market

A part of the hardware development occurs in IP cores design thereby, accelerating the prototype development and helping to carry out other time-consuming operations.

Efficient and Fast Systems

Our skilled FPGA designers develop systems that are tailored to do the intended task with high speed and improved efficiency.

Various Industries That Makes Use of FPGA

Industrial IoT

Embedded Vision


Smart Energy

Program Your Semiconductor Logic Chip to Turn into Any System

By leveraging Field Programmable Gate Array that has programmable logic blocks and interconnection circuits you can program the semiconductor chip into almost any kind of digital circuit or system. It encourages programming and reprogramming to the required functionality after fabrication.  

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