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Data Warehouse as a Service

What is Data Warehouse as a Service(DWaaS) ?

Data Warehouse as a Service (DWaaS) in a great solution to tackle the data management issues faced by the companies. In the current scenario, companies generate a humongous amount of data that demands a place to store, organize, and analyze those data and convert it into valuable information. Such a place is called a data warehouse and it is indeed large and expensive to build and maintain. However, Data Warehouse as a Service offers full-featured capabilities without administrative expenses. 

We Support Your Organization to Efficiently Store & Organize Data

Techruit offers Data Warehouse as a Service to companies of all sizes to implement a new warehouse or restructure an existing warehouse. It is easy as well as the best choice especially for the startups to expand your data warehouse as your data grows. Besides, it integrates the robust potential of Techruit’s on-premise solutions into a cloud deployment model to tackle the needs of your company.    

Unique DWaaS Services We Offer 

Data Warehouse Configuration

A customized data warehouse solution is assured for your business as we compare and examine your strategy with the data sources, management, and quality practices.

Data Migration

Our professional team’s strong migration strategy enables you to quickly process the available data and transfer the same to the data warehouse.

Data Cleaning

To make certain that the data migration process is effective, we clean and test the data to ensure accuracy and completeness.

Data Warehouse Integration

We let you seamlessly integrate the solutions with your existing analytical solutions and data source systems to allow in-house analytics.

Administration and Support

Techruit lets you benefit from ongoing data administration and support services to assure high-quality data, high warehouse performance, and new data source integration.

Various Industries That Leverage DWaaS






IT and Telecom

Niche Technologies We Use to Enhance Your Business

We at Techruit, use multiple advanced technologies to improve your business process by providing quality data warehousing service. There is no risk of losing your data with the support of our services. Our experts make use of technology such as Snowflake to tackle all your data issues and we ensure complete data security. 

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