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Blockchain as a Service

What is Blockchain as a Service(BaaS) ?

Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) is nothing but a third party cloud-based infrastructure and management for organizations developing and operating blockchain applications. It executes the backend operations for an application, hence it acts as a web host. It is one of the key factors for blockchain being adopted worldwide.  

Our Blockchain Experts Make Your Enterprises Smarter

We at Techruit, enable quick and secure transactions of all kinds with our BaaS. One of the prime reasons for collaborators and competitors to not adopt blockchain is the doubt they have on the technology used. That’s why we offer a leading BaaS platform to develop, operate, grow, and govern blockchain solutions across various computing environments. 

Embed Our BaaS to Accelerate Your Business to New Markets

Smart Contracts Integration

We at Techruit, assure you to follow smart contracts to incorporate business logic into a blockchain solution to ensure security.

Identity-centric Consensus Mechanism

Our team lends our blockchain expertise to scale up the network and permit your organization to function with authorized identities.

Identity Access Management Platform

IAM platform integration is one of the unique features of our BaaS as we enable you to decide who should have access to what information.

Diverse Range of Runtime & Frameworks

At Techruit, we render versatility and flexibility to your organization to let you switch between different blockchain platforms while developing a blockchain app.

Low-Cost BaaS Offerings

Your blockchain application can avoid various startup and operational costs when it is hosted in the cloud as a part of our BaaS.

Industries that Benefit from BaaS Implementation






Media & Entertainment

We Offer a Versatile and Flexible Platform with Our Blockchain Tools

Blockchain is growing fast due to the safe and quick transaction process it enables. It is indeed an inspiring area with a huge potential for creativity and innovation. Our team of skilled blockchain experts takes advantage of various advanced blockchain tools to let your organization experience great benefits while developing and integrating blockchain applications.  

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