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Big Data as a Service

Don’t Worry Anymore About Analysis of Your Large and Messy Datasets

We at Techruit, analyze your business process thoroughly and build strategies to analyze your unstructured, elephantine datasets. Our experts leverage Business Intelligence tools consisting of high-quality strategies and technologies for the data analysis of your business information. Your data security and compliance are completely taken care of during the migration of data between your organization and our team. Besides, we ensure that our support extends throughout the process to make the service a complete success.

What is BDaaS?

Big Data as a Service (BDaaS) takes data handling to a whole new level by combining various advanced tools such as Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Data as a Service (DaaS). The combined tools are applied to extremely large data sets to assist organizations of all sizes in meeting the big data demands cost-effectively. 

Various Benefits You Can Enjoy with Our BDaaS Service

Cloud Infrastructure

BDaaS permits the personification of IT infrastructure and identifies the abilities to overlie infrastructures such as virtual machines or hardware.

Data Storage and Management

It renders direct and easy access to raw data in distributed storage and capabilities for sophisticated data analysis and alteration.

Data Computing

With cloud infrastructure, you can expect flexibility arising from viable customized programming for data manipulation.

Data Analytics

It allows users to access analytics services without dealing with data or programming spheres of Big Data as a Service infrastructure.

Scalability and Security

BDaaS addresses the challenges of Big Data processing without depending on technology advances and transfers the security responsibility to the service provider.

Various Industries That Enjoys the Benefits of BDaaS



eCommerce and Retail


Media & Entertainment

IT and Telecom

Solve Modern Big Data Challenges Effectively

Our professional team helps you deal with the data explosion challenges by integrating multiple modern Big Data tools such as Spark, Hadoop, etc. and applying them as a whole to the extremely complicated datasets. We at Techruit give our clients superior features to automate integration, deployment, and operations of various big data tools.  

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