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Recruitment Trends for 2020 – The Herald of a New Era?

Recruitment Trends for 2020 – The Herald of a New Era?

Recruitment Trends 2020 and Beyond – Pandemic the Game Changer?

Recruitment Trends have been rapidly evolving over the past decade. While some developments have been glacial, others have happened at lightning speed. Recruitment today has truly embraced the age of technology. The scene has changed from reactive hiring to proactive recruitment – from making random choices to a more focused selection. In addition to these exciting changes, recruitment is almost entirely digital now post the Covid-19 pandemic and the social distancing ordinances.

Here are some of the significant tech recruitment trends you are likely to see in 2020 –

See What’s Trending – For Employers

Integration of AI in Recruitment One of the significant recruitments technology trends is the integration of AI and predictive technology to automate HR processes. These AI-driven systems will work on an algorithm that will decrease hiring time by automating candidate screening, scheduling interviews, and maintaining ongoing communications.

Employer branding

Employer branding to attract the best talent and encourage positive communication with potential candidates is gaining more and more importance. Two radical approaches to improve your employer branding are to use shorter application forms and gripping job descriptions. Targeting a wider audience will encourage the top-quality talents of other nations to join the organization.

Social Media as Recruitment Platforms

Social media is an excellent tool for not only recruitment marketing but also for sourcing and hiring new candidates. HR can leverage social media recruitment platforms to post job offers, scour the web for candidates, and engage the talent. Social media can be a great channel for employers to interact with candidates and build employer-candidate relations. Furthermore, it offers access to a global talent pool.

Data-driven recruiting

One of the top trends in recruiting this year is data-driven and HR analytics, where the decision to hire will be based on the data collected using certain technologies. Collecting the right data and assessing it the right way is the best way to understand an employee’s productivity and motivations. Furthermore, data-driven recruiting can also help to improve a company’s hiring metrics, such as the cost to hire, quality of hire, and the time spent in hiring the right employees.

Use an Applicant Tracking System

In an industry where the candidate market is very competitive, using a sophisticated applicant tracking system can greatly improve your overall hiring experience. The system can save you a tremendous amount of time in manually posting ads and collecting resumes of potential candidates.

Job Seekers – Watch Out for These!

Shrinking Economy, Limited Talent Pool in the Market, Low Budget

The economy is bound to shrink in the coming years, thanks to the ripple effect of the pandemic. With many members of the older generation retiring, there will also be a limited supply of talent in the market. So not only will there be no extravagant recruitment marketing strategies, but also a shortage of candidates to fill roles in the organization. If you’re on the lookout for jobs, you might want to upskill and carve out your niche.

Hiring millennials

In recent years, employers are more focused on Recruiting Generation Z who have grown up with technology and are well adept at using various modern technologies in the workplace. Generation Z is expected to take up more than 20% of the entire workforce in 2020. So, for all the tech-savvy Generation Z out there, this maybe open up a whole new world for you!

Shattering the Perks Myth – Reshaping work culture

Another trend that’s rapidly catching on among the millennials is the importance of work culture based on integrity, collaboration, innovation and mutual respect. According to studies, individuals would willingly work for a company at a low paygrade, if the culture is motivating and nurturing. This is probably why companies around the world are putting in the effort to organize their work culture to better suit their employees. So, job seekers, watch out for this!


In 2020, new and innovative recruiting trends will inspire new methods to attract, shortlist, and hire suitable candidates for jobs within various businesses and industries. The future of recruitment in tech industries and others relies heavily on emerging technology, and hiring trends show that individuals with the ability to adapt to the new tech. Ultimately, organizations want a hiring strategy that promotes positive candidate experience and attracts the best fit talents. The Techruit Solution can help you with just this!

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