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High-time for Healthcare Leaders to Understand the Significance of FHIR

High-time for Healthcare Leaders to Understand the Significance of FHIR

High-time for Healthcare Leaders to Understand the Significance of FHIR

Healthcare leaders are the real witness of digitization as they perform even a critical task with a single touch of a button today. Technology has indeed brought an extreme and advanced change in the healthcare industry with the burgeoning niche technology tools. It offers a myriad of benefits to patients from diagnosing to surgery and aftercare. A few of the most welcoming facts about healthcare digitization are, it takes lesser time for the procedures and results in less pain and faster recovery.  

There are various applications, software, and integration platforms in this modern age that assists healthcare leaders to a great extent. One of such advanced healthcare technology tools is FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources), developed by HL7 (Health Level Seven International). In this post, let’s dig deep to find out how HL7 can assist healthcare leaders.  

What is HL7 FHIR? 

FHIR is an interoperability specification that helps in transferring healthcare data electronically. HL7 originally developed FHIR to make the large volumes of patient health records readily accessible and understandable by healthcare professionals. In short, it is a standard that simplifies the processes involved in electronic health records (EHRs) without affecting the data integrity. This tool can be used as a stand-alone standard or in collaboration with other standards for data exchange. 

Why do Healthcare Leaders Recommend HL7 FHIR? 

If your question is what is so unique about FHIR, then keep reading. Substantially, the intention of introducing FHIR into healthcare is to standardize the patient information exchange thereby allowing the healthcare professionals to effortlessly exchange the data even when they use different software systems. It links every resource with a distinctive identifier to ensure quick access to the desired set of data from any application or device. In simple words, it works similar to URLs, as accessibility to the right information is possible from any device.  

There is no need to share individual documents to and fro between the systems as FHIR eradicates it by creating standard URLs for various packets of data. Besides, it ensures that healthcare leaders can quickly access the required data exactly in the same version, regardless of the app or device used. The major advantage of FHIR is it works hand-in-hand with the web browsers functionality, thereby paving a way for developers to create more instinctive and friendly applications. This has the potential to offer multiple benefits including, 

  • Hassle-free implementation 
  • Amplifies the delivery speed of healthcare information by providing quick access in a readable format 
  • Organizes and standardizes raw data for clinical support automation and other machine-based processing 
  • Eliminates the process of time-dependent document-based data exchange 
  • No need to feed information manually into workflows. 

Bottom Line 

FHIR enables healthcare leaders to bid goodbye to the boring process of copying or faxing patient data to various healthcare workers and systems. Although there are a few challenges in implementing FHIR, APIs such as Integrate overcomes these challenges, thereby making it affordable and user-friendly. Hence, it’s needless to say FHIR is highly efficient in feeding the critical information into the workflow, thereby assisting in clinical decision making and further. If your organization is struggling to cope up with the patient data issues, digitizing your organization and choosing the right technology tool such as HL7 FHIR from Techruit Solutions would be the best solution, as we offer end-to-end and reliable IT consulting services in the US. 

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