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Data Privacy: Can Cybersecurity Integration Offer a Proactive Approach?

Data Privacy: Can Cybersecurity Integration Offer a Proactive Approach?

In the current scenario, data privacy is highly indispensable with the ever-increasing data gathered through various resources. Most organizations regardless of size, are prone to cyber threats. Especially, businesses dealing with financial data, health records, and other personal information. Several laws are in effect to regulate such sensitive data handling and prevent disclosure of information of an individual or an organization. 

Need for Data Privacy in Organizations 

Businesses make use of digital information in this digital era to stay ahead of the competition. What it is all about? Organizations collect numerous data ranging from customer preferences, supply chain information, employee performance, and many more. These data allow an organization to make effective business decisions. 

This demands a high level of data privacy to stand apart from the crowd as it involves personal data. Several sophisticated hackers are readily waiting to steal this valuable information, which may cost a fortune to recover from such data theft. Hence, implementing a proactive approach to ensure the safety of data is highly important. 

Cybersecurity and Data Privacy go Hand-in-Hand 

In 2011, a significant data breach incident took place in Canada, which forced the closing of the government website for around 9 months, although there was no information loss. This proved that the website was prone to vulnerabilities, and it lacked enough security. Several such incidents are being witnessed across the globe by numerous organizations and even the government. It led to the change in the thinking of business leaders, thereby shifting to improved data privacy and security. 

The continuous evolution of cutting-edge technology such as big data, data analytics, and machine learning brought privacy and security together. Data protection is more concrete and crucial, enabling it to be on par with sophisticated cyber threats. One of the most important concerns is the unauthorized data access. The intruders attempt to steal the data that are supposed to be maintained in private. However, in today’s world, unintended inferences are becoming a major threat due to the increased use of Machine Learning techniques. Anyone who has enough data access can pose a threat to both security and privacy. 

Currently, a gap that was once found between privacy and security is diminishing letting them work hand in hand. The cybersecurity team is becoming more aware of the legal aspects, and the privacy and legal team are becoming more technical. This convergence is the need of the hour as organizations require effective data privacy policies, as well as advanced cybersecurity solutions. AI technology implementation in cybersecurity renders automated processes to sense new threats. Besides, it can also be leveraged to implement technology tools control and protection. 

Relying only on data privacy policies is not a good idea anymore, and it is a reactive approach. With the right cybersecurity tool such as Splunk and BigFix in place, your organization can identify the threats in advance and ensure a high level of data security. These tools increase the cybersecurity multi-fold by providing alerts instantly during abnormal behavior. 

Bottom Line 

Data privacy will become an integral part of cybersecurity when you integrate advanced technology tools into your business processes. This will mitigate the threats down the road, and the organizations will be well-served. If you are looking for a quality cybersecurity tool implementation in the US, contact Techruit Solutions today. Our executives would be more than delighted to give you an effective consultation. 

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