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Blockchain Developer

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Blockchain Developer - Job Description

Techruit Solutions is currently looking for a self-motivated Blockchain Developer who would be responsible for constructively optimizing and developing blockchain protocols, devising the blockchain systems architecture, developing new web applications and smart contracts with the help of blockchain technology. In short, the candidate would be responsible for blockchain application’s full life cycle process. 


Skills Required

0-2 years of development experience or relevant educational qualifications is a must. 

Interest to quickly update with the new blockchain technologies.

Should have prior experience or knowledge of SQL databases.

Designing and web application development experience using NodeJS/ Javascript/ Spring Framework.

A very good understanding of various types of blockchains and their use . 

Proven ability to write smart contracts and maintain it. 


Tasks to be Performed as a Blockchain Developer

Do frequent research on different types of blockchain technologies and protocols

Seamlessly integrate public blockchains into the system to enable deposits and withdrawals. 

Demonstrate node installations, maintenance, and upgrades.

Use supporting applications to protect and enhance the infrastructure.

Interact with the EthereumCorda, and various other open sources.

Take complete responsibility for full lifecycles of blockchain applications.

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