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Big Data Engineer

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Big Data Engineer - Job Description

At Techruit Solutions, we offer a promising career opportunity to Big Data Engineers. As a Big Data Engineer, your responsibilities would include planning, designing, maintaining, testing, and evaluating complex big data solutions. Also, you have the ability to build large-scale data processing systems and should work with the latest database technologies and tools. 


Skills Required

1-2 years of experience working in a big data environment or relevant degree or diploma is a must . 

Excellent problem-solving skills preferred. 

Proficient in designing effective and robust ETL workflows. 

A very good experience working with Hadoop. 

Proven ability to handle multiple projects easefully. 

Excellent oral and written communication skills. 


Tasks to be Performed as a Big Data Engineer

Identify, develop and implement effective big data solutions. 

Test and evaluate the solutions and assist the technical teams to choose the best solutions. 

Comfortably work with the latest NoSQL database technologies to design data warehousing solutions. 

Easefully build data processing systems with the latest technology platforms such as Hadoop and Hive using Python or Java.  

Coordinate with project managers and technical teams efficiently to handle complex big data projects. 

Develop prototypes and proof of concepts for the chosen solutions. 

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