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BigFix Engineer

  • Multiple Locations
Techruit's cybersecurity team is looking for a dedicated and skilled BigFix Engineer who is interested and self-motivated to work with BigFix architecture.

FPGA Engineer

  • Multiple Locations
If you are good at handling the FPGA tools and is willing to continuously learn and sharpen your skills, then you are at the right place.

Revit Developer

  • Multiple Locations
A self-motivated candidate with basic experience of .NET coding and knowledge of Revit’s core functionality would best fit this position.

Blue Prism Developer

  • Multiple Locations
A developer with knowledge of AI, passion for coding, and interest in building robots using Blue Prism platform can apply for this role.

Blockchain Developer

  • Multiple Locations
If you have good knowledge of how to use blockchain system architecture, then we provide you the right place to implement your skills.

App Dynamic Developer

  • Multiple Locations
Are you good at troubleshooting, analyzing, and fixing the performance related issues and are looking for an opportunity? Click below.

HL7 Developer

  • Multiple Locations
An aspiring candidate who can manage the records and software related to patients and clinical processes efficiently can apply for this role.

Big Data Architect

  • Multiple Locations
Are you a pro in addressing big data problems and assessing the requirements? Great! We have a great career path set for you.

Big Data Engineer

  • Multiple Locations
An aspiring big data engineer with a keen interest in building and testing the solutions to big data problems can apply for this position.

Snowflake Developer

  • Multiple Locations
At Techruit, we are looking for an aspiring candidate who will be capable of managing all aspects of software development life-cycle efficiently.

Database Administrator

  • Multiple Locations
If you want to work as a Database Engineer in a cool working environment,click below to know about skills required and job responsibilities.

Healthcare Business Analyst

  • Multiple Locations
This is for you who is looking for an opportunity to enhance the quality of healthcare by interpreting the data enhance the quality of healthcare facilities

Data Architect

  • Multiple Locations
We are looking for a Data Architect who likes to build and maintain the database by figuring out structural and installation solutions.

Splunk Developer

  • Multiple Locations
Are you a self-driven Splunk Developer, looking for a promising career at an organization full of talented professionals? Click here to know more.

Splunk Admin

  • Multiple Locations
Techruit’s IT team is willing to onboard a passionate Splunk Admin with a basic understanding of Splunk administration and management.

Splunk Architect

If you are looking for a career opportunity to exhibit your skills while learning and upgrading yourself, then Techruit is the best place for you.