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Building Information Modeling – Boom Your Business

Business Information Modeling - Boom Your Business

Building Information Modeling – Creating Efficiency  

The greatest value of Business Information Modeling is realized through its potential to cut down on rework, such as re-keying information into models or making changes in the field. As the proficiency of the users’ increases, the opportunities to improve productivity become more pronounced.  

Building Information Modeling – A Bundle of Benefits!  

  • Decreases Rework: The highest-rated business benefit among experts. Four in five experts say it brings high to very high value, compared to 23% of beginners.  
  • Increases Productivity: Ranked by architects as the top way to improve their return on investment in the technology.  
  • Minimizes Conflicts and Changes During Construction: Are among the top-rated ways engineers say BIM adds value to their project.  
  • Avoiding Rework and Clash Detection: Owners claim that BIM usage saves time and money.  

Building Information Modeling – A Boon to Businesses 

Building Information Modeling users see numerous opportunities to recognize their value. It is a novel process that has started to capture the attention of the building community at large, users are eager to bank its buzz.  

Another advantage is that BIM creates an overall better product, making it very beneficial. Productivity problems such as reducing rework and errors ranked higher than benefits related directly to time savings and cost reduction. It reflects the fact that users of all levels could see BIM helping them work better, but cost savings are more likely to be realized by experienced users.  

The Top-Rated Business Benefits Include:  

 BIM Marketing  

Building Information Modeling opens doors for companies in the construction environment. As more and more clients begin to require Business Information Modeling on jobs, team members need to have BIM skills to capture that business.  

Project Outcome  

Most Business owners say that Building Information Modeling’s impact on the overall project outcome is a high benefit for them. Even owners with relatively less experience in Building Information Modeling, actually see this as their top benefit. The internal value of this to the other build-team members is experienced as reduced problems, improved client relationships, and more personal satisfaction.  

Reduced Errors  

Reduced errors and omissions in construction documents. Virtual design and construction using Building Information Modeling help create the potential to identify problems earlier in the building process. Half of all users see this as a significant benefit, particularly contractors.   

BIM New Services  

BIM brings new offerings to old business. Several users say that adding BIM to their toolbox brings a high level of benefit to their practices. Naturally, this is more important to more recent adopters of the technology. Contractors, who as a group had adopted BIM later than many in the design community, are far more likely to see this as significantly beneficial.  

Reducing Rework  

Amending problems early means fewer issues in the plans and ultimately fewer hassles in the field. A large section of contractors sees the potential of BIM to reduce rework as a huge benefit. It is the highly ranked benefit reported by expert users, compared to fewer beginners that see it in other ways.  

Bottom Line – So, what’s on the horizon for building information modeling?  

Both construction companies and clients will save money. Both private and government sectors have been saving money since using BIM or BIM-related technologies. How BIM works is evolving, in the era of the cloud, by providing a common data environment,” This “future of BIM” would “connect ‘workspaces’, by breaking down the monolithic character of typical AEC solutions, enabling data and logic to be anywhere on the network and available, on-demand, in the right application for the task at hand.  

The workspaces are designed on professional definitions, enabling architects, structural engineers, MEP professionals, fabricators, and contractors’ access to the tools they need. With BIM, the vision for the product also involves a series of “quantum” applications, Parametrics, and API that encompasses a “platform ecosystem” considered to be the future of a Design/Make/Use workflow for the AEC industry. If you wanted to boost your business by integrating BIM, Techruit Solutions would be more than happy to serve you. Get in touch with us to know more about our BIM service.

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