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Big Data as a Service – An Effective Tool to Manage Voluminous Data

Big Data as a Service – An Effective Tool to Manage Voluminous Data

Big Data as a Service – A Huge Opportunity for Organizations

Big data is everywhere. Social media and a host of other sources are generating datasets of unprecedented volume, velocity, and variety. This big data explosion creates tremendous opportunities for organizations that can capture, manage, and analyze massive volumes of disparate data for insights that can drive decisions and create a competitive advantage. The greatest problem with big data is finding innovative technological solutions that can pick up where traditional databases and existing scalable architectures leave off.  

Big Data as a Service – A Boon for processing massive data  

Technological tools given as a service are not new. Software as a Service, Platform as a Service, and Data as a Service (DaaS) are a few of the many data solutions offered by third-party big data vendors. BDaaS lifts things to a whole new level, combining these tools and applying them to massively large data sets to help large and small organizations meet today’s big data demands in a cost-effective manner.  

So, What’s the deal about Big Data-as-a-Service?  

Hadoop has enabled organizations to analyze data using commodity hardware and open-source software, but the costs of launching a big data initiative can still be substantial. The investment of time and resources needed to store and manage large data. In contrast, big data-as-a-service allows organizations to outsource a variety of big data functions to the cloud and pay only for the computing power they require. This solution eliminates many of the costs associated with a Hadoop deployment and allows organizations to focus on gaining actionable big data insights to drive business growth. For keeping data secure, providers vary greatly in strategy and collaboration with security experts.  

Which Company is right for your organization and Where is your data?  

For those looking to bring the power of big data analytics to their organizations, here are some things you need to consider when choosing between big data as a service company. If you’re starting fresh or pushing your big data initiatives to the cloud can be a timely and risky process. Certain vendors need you to move data to a vendor’s storage system, while others can leverage public cloud infrastructure companies and their ecosystems of compatible products.  

What are your organization’s big data needs?  

The maiden step in selecting a provider is to identify your organization’s actual big data requirements concerning capturing, managing, and analyzing data. For instance, organizations having large volumes of primarily structured data would do well to stick with a traditional database solution. Organizations that have huge volumes of unstructured data streaming in from multiple sources should consider BDaaS to gain the valuable insights that only this type of data holds. If your organization comes under this category you will need to determine exactly which big data functions should be outsourced before beginning the provider selection process.  

Big Data as A Service – The Benefits  

Big Data Platform-as-a-Service  

  • Advantages of seamless cloud storage, analysis, and visualization in a single platform  
  • Provides access to integrated Data and Database for operational and analytical needs  
  • Helps manage data processing and analytics in an integrated environment  
  • Allows building of analytic applications on top of large data sets  

Big Data Infrastructure-as-a-Service  

  • Allows for storage, analysis, and querying of high data volume possible at higher speed (supports the 4Vs of Data)  
  • Encourages best practices in data management with reuse of data service  
  • Benefits of distributed computing  
  • Removes performance bottleneck and improves efficiency  

Big Data Analytics Software-as-a-Service  

  • Allows speedier deployment, powerful computing, and storage, with minimal management  
  • Cost reductions – a) businesses pay only for utilized services, b) costs of system performance holdups passed on to service provider  

Bottom Line  

Big data as a service uses cloud storage to preserve continual data access for the organization that owns the information as well as the provider working with it. Whether you are currently using this technology or not, knowing the nitty-gritty helps you to plan the future data-driven operations of your organization. For every organization using voluminous data will ultimately adopt Big Data as a Service one day. Techruit Solutions offer extra-ordinary services to empower organizations dealing with huge volumes of data.   

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