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5 Benefits of Cloud Data Warehouse Organizations can Enjoy

5 Benefits of Cloud Data Warehouse Organizations can Enjoy

Cloud data warehouse is becoming a part of every organization as its super-efficient insights and analytics modernize a company’s operations. It’s indeed true that having a cloud data warehouse in-house is not so easy as it sounds. This is why DWaaS (Data Warehouse as a Service) dives in and offers great support in storing and processing a humongous amount of data. DWaaS offers several benefits, which gives a clear picture as to why organizations are attracted to cloud data warehouse services. 

Cloud Data Warehouse may be the Solution Your Organization is in Need of 

DWaaS is usually offered by a third-party as a service to organizations that lets them cut the administrative costs while offering storage capacity. A multitude of cloud computing capabilities it offers enhances the business performances to a great extent.  

  1. Shared Cost of Ownership 

Unlike the hefty cost involved in the on-premise data warehouses, the cloud data warehouses are economical and this is the main reason for its popularity. It doesn’t require expensive hardware, maintenance, or continuous updates as everything is taken care of by the service provider. The management can purchase just the required amount of storage and compute power, which can be extended as and when needed. Besides, DWaaS does not demand server rooms or networking. 

  1. Data Accessibility to Business Users 

The visibility into data is the chief concern of business users as it lets them make informed decisions. This is achieved by resource pooling to share storage space, networks, and computing power in cloud data warehouses. It results in providing data marts for new users without limiting the storage or processing power. In addition, ad-hoc queries can be performed on the same dataset by stakeholders from different locations.  

  1. Enhanced Performance and Speed 

The ever increasing data from multiple resources demands an effective data management solution. This gave rise to DWaaS that offers cloud data warehouse service to improve the overall efficiency, performance, and speed of data processing, and analysis within an organization. Typically, data warehouses present on the cloud encompasses numerous servers that increase the processing speed. Above all, it can seamlessly integrate with new data sources.  

  1. High Data Storage Capacity 

Earlier, IT teams were purchasing too much storage that cost them a fortune. Whereas, the cloud data warehouse enables them to decide the storage limit according to their current needs. However, this can be scaled up anytime with an additional cost which is comparatively cheaper. What’s more? It offers flexibility and agility that allows firms to quickly deploy a change without affecting the organization’s architecture or budget.  

  1. Quick Disaster Recovery 

The conventional recovery methods are too expensive and defenseless, whereas the cloud data warehouse offers backup security. The good thing is it doesn’t even require any additional hardware as it naturally supports asynchronous data duplication. It instantly snapshots the processes and automatically saves them. If you wonder if these are accessible, well, the answer is yes! This data warehouse saves the data in different nodes to make the duplicate data seamlessly accessible. The DWaaS service providers provide specialized networks to further improve backup security. 

The Quicker You Adopt DWaaS, the More You Would Benefit 

The advantages that cloud data warehouse offers is not restricted to the above-mentioned points, as it has numerous unique functionalities. The cloud platform plays a major role in offering the best business intelligence as it upholds data integrity even while integrating new data sources. If your organization is suffering from poor data management, then this is the right time for you to go for DWaaS. We at Techruit Solutions offer a reliable and end-to-end service at an affordable cost in the US. So, contact us today and know more.  

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